About us

In 2002 we opened a shop in Hansbeke (IKARUS-Shop Ltd). To meet the demand of our customers and due to the fact that we organize more and more practical trainings abroad, we started an online shop for everybody to consult 7/7 and 24/24.

Because of the many new developments in the world of paragliding/paramotoring, we stock a minimum of items, which will always allow us to deliver the newest products. Sometimes this might cause a longer delivery time, but you will be sure to get the latest product.

Not all the items are mentioned in the online shop, but on simple request we’ll be pleased to add them to the list, so you’ll be able to buy them on BUY2FLY as well. We have excellent contacts with all possible manufacturers, brands and importers.

Buy2fly offers a wide range of: books, instruments, accessories, rescue parachutes, paragliders, powergliders, paramotors, harnesses, radios, helmets, clothes, …. It pays off to visit the website of BUY2FLY regularly. With our newsletter you will always stay informed of the latest news !

Be inspired by our website and if you have any further questions or remarks, please let us know !