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Cockpit - Front Instrument support

Cockpit - Front Instrument support (Ref: 4002)Flight deck to fix instruments as GPS, radio, variomet..

Ex Tax: €70.25

Cockpit w/ 8L ballast - Front Instrument support

Front Instrument support (Cockpit) w/ 8L ballast container (Ref: 4006)Front mounted instrument suppo..

Ex Tax: €78.51

Cockpit w/ rescue parachute front container and w/ Instrument support

Rescue Parachute Front Container w/instrument support (Ref: 4013)Front mounted rescue container with..

Ex Tax: €95.04

Emergency knife

Emergency knife with double blade made of carbon fiber. With an overall length of 16,2 cm very robus..

Ex Tax: €24.79

Quick Pack Express

Quick pack with backpack straps.- Weight: 660 g.- Measures: 42x140 cm.- Material: 60% Polyester Córd..

Ex Tax: €78.51

Quick Pack Strong

Quick pack with backpack straps.- Weight: 1010g- Measures: 42 cm x 140 cm- Material: Córdoba- Color:..

Ex Tax: €95.04
SOL 2-Step Speed System Steel New

SOL 2-Step Speed System Steel

Two step aluminium speed bar with steel cable.Comfortable handling in flight and easy no-hands acces..

Ex Tax: €37.19