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PEGUET Schroefkarabijn triangle inox 3mm

Ideal for connecting an extractor to the "pod" of your rescue parachute...

Ex Tax: €6.61

RIPAIR Extractor for rescue parachutes

Ensures a faster opening of your rescue parachute!In certain configurations this is indispensable fo..

Ex Tax: €61.98

SOL Bridle loop 170cm

SET OF INDEPENDENT (LOOP) RISERS/BRIDLES170cm long for solo reserve parachutes!Color: Black..

Ex Tax: €24.79

SOL Bridle Y 88cm

Bridle Y, Ref: 4028Y Bridles connects a single riser rescue parachute to the shoulder straps of the ..

Ex Tax: €24.79

SOL Dyneema Risers 140cm

SET OF INDEPENDENT (LOOP) LIGHT DYNEEMA RISERS140cm long for solo reserve parachutes!Weigh..

Ex Tax: €24.79

SOL Neopreen Cover

Neopreen cover voor omsluiting inox schroefkarabijn 6mm of 7mm.Licht en handig!Beter dan ducktape!&n..

Ex Tax: €8.26

SUPAIR Dyneema Risers

SET OF INDEPENDENT (LOOP) LIGHT DYNEEMA RISERS145cm long for solo reserve parachutes!Weigh..

Ex Tax: €24.79