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AGAMA Flystyle CO2 cartridge

CO2 cartridge for Agama water rescue system...

Excl. BTW: €20,66

AGAMA FlyStyle water rescue system, without cartridge, without chemical fuse

Unique rescue system for your paramotor in case of emergency water landing.Tested for fresh and sea ..

Excl. BTW: €185,95

EIX Iridium bougie/ontstekingskaars

Offers great resistance to wear and optimizes the ignition of the mixture.The benefits of the EIX Ir..

Excl. BTW: €20,66

Safety chemical fuse Agama

Fuse (bobbin) is the little chemical thing which expand in the water and stake the pin into CO2 cart..

Excl. BTW: €13,22

VITTORAZI Air Conveyor (for all Moster185 engines)

Air conveyor in carbon fiber. Its function is to convey the air flow through the engine and eject it..

Excl. BTW: €119,83

VITTORaZI Extractor multifunction toolI

Necessary for the extraction of: Flywheel (Easy100-Fly100evo) Clutch (Fly100evo) Prop..

Excl. BTW: €30,58

Vittorazi handy box

The new "Handy Box" is suitable for all versions of the Moster185-MY 19 or Atom80. It's a small supp..

Excl. BTW: €115,70

VITTORAZI Tester for carburetor pressure

Suitable instrument to check the working pressure of the carburetor, to optimize the operation of yo..

Excl. BTW: €52,07

VITTORAZI V-Throttle/accelerator

Available both for right or left handSHELLThe joystick has an high quality finishing and is comforta..

Excl. BTW: €90,91


Ces manchons  vendus par paire, en pur duvet 700 cuin offrent 2 faces étanches au vent. Ils n’o..

Excl. BTW: €53,72